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Firefly was founded in by partners Mike Spears and Bill Dalton. From the beginning, the partners shared the philosophy that work should be challenging, interesting, fulfilling and fruitful — and that premise holds true to this day.

Rideshare advertising startup Firefly launches with $21.5M in funding

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Expect This Driving With Firefly Advertising BillboarD

Select Brands firefly-wp T Select Brands. Rob Guillory firefly-wp T Rob Guillory. See More.Location determines the ads that are displayed so that the right people see the right messages.

There is no financial outlay by drivers, who initially agree to attach the displays to their cars for four months, after which the arrangement proceeds on a month-to-month basis. Firefly said a minimum of 10 percent of its ad inventory will go toward promoting local nonprofit organizations, public service announcements, charity advocacy groups and community organizations.

During its beta test, the company teamed up with the Coalition for Clean Air on a four-week campaign in support of California Clean Air Day that was geo-fenced in popular neighborhoods such as downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Hollywood. Firefly said the campaign generated more than 1, hours of exposure and some 2. In addition, Firefly pledged to allocate 10 percent of its unsold screen time to non-chain small businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants and stores.

Firefly is partnering with municipal governments, using the GPS sensors on its car-mounted devices to share traffic information with local transportation agencies so that they can make necessary adjustments. The company added that other sensors may soon be able to measure pollution levels, pavement condition and street lighting.

Firefly is also working with the Coalition for Clean Air to test sensors that monitor air quality. By David Cohen.


Firefly works directly with drivers, installing proprietary displays on top of their vehicles. Adweek Adweek. Recommended videos. Ad of the Day. Sports Marketing.Subscribe to receive daily martech news and expert insights.

firefly advertising

See terms. Firefly has installed digital signs atop hundreds of taxis and other rent-on-demand vehicles like Lyft or Uber during its months-long beta phase in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Gunay said his firm is the first to place geo-targeted displays in large numbers on car services, with a granularity that can go down to a city block. Use cases, driver revenue. As an example use case, he pointed to Brex, a startup-focused credit card that shows ads when the vehicles are near neighborhoods housing a lot of new companies.

Firefly limits the ad density to no more than eight different kinds of ads on all the vehicles in a given location, such as a city block, and each ad — either static or video — is shown for no more than eight seconds.

Firefly adds mobile device-like targeting to ads on car rooftops

Rates are CPM-based, and a percentage of the revenue goes to the driver in most cases, Firefly said. Community tie-ins. In addition to helping drivers, Firefly touts its other community services. Ten percent of the ad inventory is reserved for pro bono ad placements by not-for-profit or governmental services, and another ten percent is held for local businesses, sometimes at special rates. Air sensors accompany the signs, providing air quality data that Firefly freely provides to the Clean Air Coalition.

Gunay said there are no stats yet on whether this kind of targeted, mobile DOOH advertising works better than other kinds of outdoor marketing. A rollout to New York is planned for early next year, followed by other US cities. Why you should care. As outdoor digital signs replace static ones, the DOOH platform is rapidly becoming an integrated part of the digital ad ecosystem.

For many demand side platforms, DOOH has become just another channel. Have something to say about this article? Share it with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Martech: Advertising. Barry Levine on December 6, at pm. About The Author. Barry Levine. Related Topics Channel: Martech: Advertising. We're listening. Your privacy means the world to us. We share your personal information only when you give us explicit permission to do so, and confirm we have your permission each time.

Learn more by viewing our privacy policy.The companies below are at various sizes and stages. Most claim to get drivers a few hundred extra dollars per month by placing ads on their cars. And even if they do not directly state their approval, Uber and Lyft will NOT deactivate you for using them. I have never heard of this happening once in the past 5 years.

That being said, there are a couple caveats. If you use a car wrapping or billboard service, you may not pass inspection if you go to an Uber or Lyft lot. But you can always get your car inspected before wrapping or you can go to a virtual mechanic like Rideshare Mechanic and pass that way. You can also run into some trouble with local authorities particularly airports for displaying ads on the exterior of your car. Make sure to check your local laws and regulations before trying this out.

In my mind, Vugo is the leader in the in-car entertainment category because they pretty much invented not just the tablet category of rideshare advertising, but the whole industry of rideshare advertising.

More recently their focus has shifted towards content partnerships to improve the passenger experience. Part of the deal with Vugo is in-car entertainment like video games, apps, film shorts, sports, news and more optimized for passengers, making their overall experience better than being in your empty, Vugo-free car.

What all that really means is Vugo provides content that is sure to be seen by riders while also earning drivers money. This kind of advertisement is displayed on a tablet in your vehicle where your passengers can see it and interact with it.

You get a cut of the advertising revenue. Vugo is focused on the NYC market at the moment, but welcomes drivers to signup for their waiting list. This ruling is likely responsible for the explosion in rideshare advertising growth we are seeing today, that and rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft seeking ways to become profitable. Play Octopus is another tablet-based advertising platform geared toward your passengers and they specialize in getting passengers to engage with the device via trivia games that came out recently.

The passengers can play the games for free and are shown an advertisement every 2 or 3 steps they progress in the game. Firefly will install an LED sign on top of your car, and this sign will cycle through different targeted advertisements as you drive through the area.

As of the writing of this article, they boast making over million impressions a month and have displayed overhours of content played in over 40, square miles of coverage. They cover the cost of installation and pay varies based on market, campaign, size of the wrap, and how much you drive. Wrapify is an ideal platform for full-time rideshare drivers because drivers have an opportunity to earn more than a flat rate on their advertising. They also like us because we drive a lot!

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Like Wrapify, they will pay for the installation and removal of the wrap. Just for the simple fact that Wrapify could earn you more, that edges Carvertise out for the top spot in this category. Artists pay to promote their music through the campaigns, and that is how drivers earn income when using Steereo while driving for rideshare.

This way, the artists benefit as well as the drivers. Genres include pop, hip-hop, indie, electronica, alternative, and more.

firefly advertising

Read our Freebird Promo Code article for more info.And studies that take into account expenses such as insurance, fueling, and maintenance paint an even less rosy picture. Those sobering numbers motivated Kaan Gunay, a Stanford graduate and longtime Habitat for Humanity volunteer, to cofound Firefly, a San Francisco startup that works directly with rideshare drivers to install advertising displays on top of their cars.

It today launched out of beta after 50 ad campaigns andhours of testing with pilot participants. Firefly says its network gets million impressions per month across 40, square miles of coverage, with overhours of content played to date.

It donates a minimum of 10 percent of all inventory to promote local not-for-profit organizations, public sector announcements, and non-commercial organizations such as advocacy groups and community organizations, and an additional 10 percent of unsold screen time to non-chain small businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques. We look forward to partnering with Firefly on even more innovative efforts in the future to ensure cleaner air for everyone.

They can be an important piece in building smarter, safer and more sustainable cities, driving social good at the local level. Image Credit: Firefly.

firefly advertising

Sign up for Funding Weekly to start your week with VB's top funding stories. Working from home? Here's 10 products to make it easier. Lockdown got you stressed? Now's the perfect time to try meditation with this top-rated app. Stay busy while social distancing with a lifetime pass to Rosetta Stone and more for a huge discount. View all deals.Firefly connects people, governments and businesses to build smarter, safer and more sustainable cities.

The company works directly with you to install its proprietary advertising displays atop their vehicles that adds up to 20 percent more profit to your drive time.

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Do you think you are one of the best drivers around? We want you. We work with the best, full-time drivers 45 hours a week in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Firefly plans to expand to new markets in including New York City and Miami. Benefits: Great additional income! If you are already driving, why not benefit from our innovative screen?

Be a Firefly ambassador - we are one of the hottest new startups in the country, get your car noticed! We have amazing support staff to make sure your vehicle is staying in tip-top condition. Firefly's technology delivers the right message at the right time, cutting through the noise of a booming space and leading to highly effective campaign-engagement.

These proprietary screens are customized and enabled to geo-local advertising based on driver routes and location. Get started: Download the app today to start tracking today. We need drivers working a minimum of 45 hours per week to qualify for a Firefly smart screen. You will need to track your driving for a minimum of three 3 weeks to qualify for a possible installation. Permission Requests: - Firefly asks for only the permissions it needs to operate and qualify you for a screen.

I got my screen a few months ago and was a little skeptical, because the app itself is, ok. Luckily the app is only used to show your hours. The guy at the office told me the screen does the tracking, not the phone.

Firefly raises $30M to bring more ads to Ubers, Lyfts and taxis

So sometimes the app would be a few hours off, but when I contacted support everything was there. To be honest the whole point is to just do your normal Uber and Lyft driving and you get paid extra money. Uber and Lyft have ONLY decreased their pay since day one in every single market and will continue until they have driverless cars. My point is they pay me to have a screen up there and I can take it off whenever I want.

My car is only used for making money at this point, so why not. All the complaints on here are from the old screens. They have 3 different ones. Anyone on the fence about it, Google is one of their backers and the company so far for me has been solid. Easiest money I make in a month.

I completed the necessary steps to qualify for having the system installed. It took over a month to have an appointment scheduled. However I had an emergency that required me being evacuated from my house. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

App Store Preview. Description Firefly connects people, governments and businesses to build smarter, safer and more sustainable cities. Apr 2, Version 1. Improvements and bug fixes. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Firefly Systems Inc.The Firefly Group is a comprehensive communications firm that delights in sparking ideas, igniting creativity, and enlightening the marketplace on behalf of our clients.

Founded inand headquartered in Palm City, The Firefly Group is a full-service public relations and marketing firm and the largest company of our kind on the Treasure Coast. We focus on creating comprehensive and customized plans tailored specifically to the needs of each client and their budgetary constraints.

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Here is a sampling of some of the services we can provide. We are proud to have worked with so many wonderful clients! They include businesses of all sizes and industries including national companies as well as government agencies and many nonprofit organizations throughout Florida.

Here is a sampling of our client base — past and present. Illuminating Ideas Glowing Results. Where We Shine. Public Relations. Strategic Planning. Social Media. Website Design. Crisis Management.

firefly advertising

Featured Clients. Who We Are. Stacy Ranieri. Patricia Austin. Melissa Zolla. Tiffany Smith. Andrew Webster. Billy Nelson.

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